enjoy this moment

Heron dance


One of my great delights, nearly all my life, has been brush play in the form of sumi-e. As I grew interested in ceramic work, I knew I wanted to develop a glaze which would behave in a way similar to ground ink on kozo paper. Much of my ceramic work has such brush play on it. This dancing heron is a large platter, which is glazed very lightly with orange shino – not enough to make it shiny, but enough to protect the brushwork. The platter feels coarse and textural, not smooth. But I’ve made several platter styles this year. Large platters in 2015 include this heron, some wacky carrots, wind-blown bamboo, textural dragonflies on ponds of shino and a few more! Head to Finch Blueberry Farm outside of Bailey, NC on November 8th 2015 to see a grand assortment of my work and visit with a great many other artists as well – in what must be East Carolina’s largest pottery festival. Music, easy parking, great art. What a great Sunday afternoon! (early birds: starts Sunday morning at 10 AM!)

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